As you may know we've recently finished our debut EP and are set to release our First Single 'Waiting For' later next month so we're really excited for you to hear what we've been working on.

Debut single 'Waiting For' coming soon.

Described by Emerging North as, "A more upbeat and rousing track than its predecessor this track is the first hint at how Barron are beginning to master the huge stadium rock anthemia perfectly. It's a track that upon listening to instantly takes you away. Close your eyes and let it carry you away."

Described by Emerging North as, "A heartfelt track that oozes sentimentality. It's a track that demonstrates all that Barron can do, in particular the final minute and a half of the song where we get to hear Alex's voice in full form, some great harmonies and some excellent musicianship creating a really atmospehric vibe."